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Lafayette County Historical and Genealogical Society

Welcome to Oxford, Mississippi where we are collecting, preserving and sharing information about our families and history!


Books, Pictures, Maps, Videos, Stories and More

Our resources include several thousand books on site, great stories about Lafayette County, MS, videos, files of obituaries, cemetery records, hundreds of rolls of microfilm and microfiche cards. We have extensive Civil War records (including the 128 volumes of “War of the Rebellion,” Mississippi maps, how-to books for genealogical research, numerous family history folders, books about families, the LDS indices to legal cases in Lafayette County, migration records, military records, marriage records (including almost 10,000 licenses, receipts and returns) along with original county records from the 1800s and other unique, out-of print materials and periodicals.
We also have a great set of publications produced by the Society that are available here  for use onsite. If you’d like to use any of them at home, you can get them HERE.

digital museum

Our unique repository for all things digital about Lafayette County

Volunteers at the Lafayette County Digital Museum are working to preserve historic records, maps, pictures, video, stories and artifacts for the Oxford-Lafayette County community. The use of digital records ensures that our history is captured, preserved and displayed for everyone to share any time they want. Come join us in this effort to digitize crumbling books, bibles, pictures and people before they’re gone.


Lots of things have changed in the last two hundred years around here. Thankfully, some of the old times were captured on film.


We have a great collection of old maps and a program that lets you choose which ones to overlay on today's world.


Lucky is our word for it. We've got some great ones that capture our past in the words of Lafayette County speakers.


Great recollections of local history and genealogy.


Recent Projects

Here are some of the items we’ve added lately.  Click to see more.

just a few of our friends