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Lamar Rifles

These companion books, University Greys and Lamar Rifles, give the history of two of the most famous military units from Mississippi during the Civil War. If you have ever seen the movie “Gone With the Wind,” you will remember the scene at the beginning of the movie at Twelve Oaks. When the young men in the movie learned the news of Fort Sumter and that the war had begun, they rush off to join the Confederacy. This is similar to what happened with University of Mississippi students in the University Greys. Since that unit was comprised of men from all over the state, Lafayette County was allowed to contribute another company to the regiment. This second unit was the Lamar Rifles.

These are reproductions in hard cover of the originals produced under the auspices of the The Survivors Association of Lamar Rifles in 1901 and Maud Morrow Brown’s book from 1940. Anyone with an ancestor in the military will appreciate the work and research that went into producing these books.

            A bargain at $21 each or a set of both for $40.

See below for samples.

History of Co. G, Eleventh Mississippi Regiment CSA. A hard cover

reproduction of the original 1901 history.

   Currently available for $21